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The Mitreo Film Festival was born in 2000 with the aim of spreading the audiovisual and helping young talents by launching competitions, giving support to their creative ability, originality in their cinematographic works, contributing to their training and that of the public with whom they are confronted; all this through masterclasses, workshops, meetings and targeted debates, in the realization of its namesake festival . 

Today many authors who have taken their first steps at the MitreoFilmFestival, are established directors, screenwriters and operators and in their beginnings they have been able to count on scholarships or prizes for the works presented in the competition, such as Edoardo De Angelis, Filippo Gravino and Giuseppe Trepiccione , just to mention the first, in the history of the Mitreo Film Festival.

There are also many awards, such as the Photogrammi to Reflect Award, awarded over the years to personalities who have distinguished themselves for their work   in the world of entertainment, culture and society by Alfredo Bini, Giuseppe Montanaro and Pippo del Bono, Giacomo Rizzo, up to some of the latest editions: Carolina Rosi, Anna Teresa Rossini, Mariano Rigillo in 2017; CarloPuca, Roberto Moliterni, Giuseppe     Colella and Jonny Costantino in 2018;  Cristina Donadio, Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo, Pina Turco, Gianfranco Gallo, Crescenzo Muto in 2019; in memory of Giancarlo Siani to his brother Paolo, Paolo Miggiano, Desireé Klain and Michele Castaldo in 2020 and finally to  Mauro Galliano, Associazione Emmepi4ever, Tony Laudadio, Luigi Ferraiuolo and in the memory of Luigi Cinone and all victims of covid in 2021.

He has always focused his energy and his commitment on the realization of the Festival, now in its 22nd edition. Until 2020, the Festival included two competitions announced through the Filmfreeway and Festhome platforms, with great response in terms of works received, but since the last edition we have decided to give up the International Short Film Competition and essentially dedicate ourselves to our flagship the "Film Space ”To which the National Screenplay Competition is linked, to give more opportunities to young authors. This writing space aimed at screenwriters, sees young authors from different Italian regions, guided to create stories on the theme that each edition is chosen, to be set on the territory that hosts them and compete to win the realization of the short with the production of the MitreoFilmFestival.  A peculiarity that few festivals have. "Regeneration", "Soul", "Great Words", "Courage", "Youth", "Kairos", the themes that followed each other in the   latest editions.

The theme of the 2022 edition is “Love”.

Many members of the jury and guests chosen from professionals, the world of entertainment, culture and civil society, have made the quality of the activities ever increasing and helped  the festival in its longevity.

But the Mitreo Film Festival Association has  dated also  support in recent years to various productions: "Mozzarella Stories" and "Perez" by director Edoardo De Angelis, "Il our Limit ”by the young author Adriano Morelli,“ La Smorfia ”by director Emanuele Palamara, the brilliant friend and also X Factor for the selection of competitors.

In addition, there are many   charitable and sporting activities in which he participated. 

In 2018, for the 18th edition of the festival, MIBAC obtained the use of the European Year of Cultural Heritage logo. Its commitment in projects with schools since 2004 on safety and social issues is not negligible with about 60 productions of short films, from the last TiEduCorto themed screenings, on the scarcity of water and  cyberbullismo.

He has also developed and carried out workshops on legality, with schools and communities for minors, most recently in 2018 with CINEPERIFERIE "So.sTiAmo in the suburbs: beyond the sche (r) mi" he won the MIBAC call on the suburbs with a review on films di Truffaut and a photographic contest with the collaboration of the Guarantor for children and the Guarantor of the rights of prisoners of the Campania Region and of the Rotaract young people. Since the beginning of 2019 he has supported and given his artistic support to the cultural initiatives of the Penitentiary Law internship as part of the Criminal Procedure course organized by the Unicampania Luigi Vanvitelli Department of Law.

In recent editions, in addition to the Caserta Film Commission Association and the Campani Film Festival Coordination, of which he is a founding member since 2013, the year of its establishment, in support of its activity, from 2021 it also boasts the presence of the Gian Maria Film School of Art Volonté di Roma with the participation of the students of the school at the Spazio Film and the collaboration of a prestigious reality in our territory such as Capua Il posto della lingua Festival.

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