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\\ Presentation Edition 2016

For the MitreoFilmFestival 2015 was the border year.

After 15 years of history, events and changes and after the long preparation for the new 2015 edition, work that involved both the staff and all the finalists, the jurors and the guests, the 15th edition of the festival was "prevented" , on its eve, from the institutional events that hit the municipality of Santa Maria Capua Vetere.

With great pain, despite the amount of efforts that all those who work for culture know well, dedicating sacrifice and total dedication to it, it was not possible to prevent the early closure of the festival, even before it saw the light. Subsequently, the silent months from December 2015 to autumn 2016 were, for the staff of the MitreoFilmFestival, months dedicated to reflection, to the search for measure, putting all the weights on the scales, questioning the very value of the festival.

After the long reflection, we now consider it necessary and essential to try to regenerate from that wound that opened on the border, in front of the suddenly closed door of that house that is the Garibaldi Theater for us. We do it for the love that animates us. We do it in respect of the territory, of those who believe that culture is not an accessory but is the engine of all growth, of all progress, of each civilization, of each comparison, it is the thought that gives meaning to our world, to our existence. of men, it is the heart of the beauty and poetry we all need. We still do it respecting all the work done by each person who, over the years, has taken the life of the festival to heart and respecting the authors and the cinema. On the other hand, we had dedicated all the work of last year to regeneration and beauty.

Despite the difficulties that suggest it to us, today we cannot give up.

So let's go back to our new 16th edition with the caution and experience of those who are reborn, but with the unchanged conviction of those who have always believed in what they do.

The 2016 edition will be an unusual edition, necessary to close the competition opened in 2015, that is to reward the authors who have remained pending since last year, and to reveal the new guise with which we will start again.

From 2017, in fact, without prejudice to all the collateral events dedicated to cinema and culture, without prejudice to the involvement of guests, professionals and artists of the territory, the MitreoFilmFestival competition, in particular, will be completely dedicated to supporting the Cinema of Author. Thanks to the continuous work of the Mitreo Film Festival association, a work that is constantly developed throughout the year, the resources laboriously tracked down for the competition will be used for the production of new projects, identified through the only scriptwriting competition intended for authors. .

With these few words, we therefore announce the 2016 edition and we give everyone an appointment first from 15 to 18 December 2016, at the Garibaldi Theater, for our great festival of culture and art during which we will proceed to the awards of the 2015 competition, then to 2017. , for our new season of festival life.

A heartfelt thanks to the most loyal friends of the festival, supporters and finalists of 2015 who have patiently awaited their moment.




The Artistic Director


The President of Ass. Cult. Mitreo Film Festival




HABITAT, by Emiliano Dante

THE CHILDREN OF TAVOLICCI, by Valentina Giovanardi

U FERRU, by Marco Leopardi

CARBONE SEA, by Gian Luca Rossi

I'M FESTIVAL, by Mario Vezza



BEAUTIFUL, by Alessandro Capitani

HAVE SWEET DREAM, by Suhar Liviu Ciprian

RAIN INSIDE, by Raffaele Marzocchi

THE AMERICAN MACHINE, by Alessandro Spada

PER ANNA, by Andrea Zuliani




HEART COLLECTOR, by Simona Mancini

THE COPPER WIRE, by Rosa Grazia Rapisarda

FAREST, by Antonio Ruscigno

THE (NON) RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, by Alessandro Turchi

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