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October 7  2017 


MitreoFilmFestival 2017

"The theme of this edition 'soul' represents everything I can say about this festival that for 17 years has nourished this city with culture and art, with sacrifice and total dedication. Personally, and with me all my collaborators, I hope I have left a trace of beauty and grace, I hope that the soul of our work and the contribution of all the guests who have paid us homage, remains in the hearts of all those people and young authors who have lived with us, over the years, this party of cinema and culture. I hope that this track will flourish and reproduce other art and beauty, here and elsewhere, near and as far as possible. If we lose the search for the soul, we have lost everything ".

Lucilla Mininno, artistic director of the MitreoFilmFestival 2017.



To win the

Technical Jury Prize

National Short Film Screenplay Competition

MitreoFilmFestival 2017

and to win the production of the short film

"End of games" by Alessandro Turchi

the Audience Award

National Short Film Screenplay Competition

MitreoFilmFestival 2017

consisting of an economic contribution went instead to

"From what comes what" by Giuseppe Rasi

and finally the Technical Jury Prize

International Short Film Competition MitreoFilmFestival 2017

was won by

"Sicela Amanzi" by Mlu Godola

"For the excellent dramaturgical structure, for the quality of the visual rendering and above all for the non-conciliatory gaze towards a dramatic glimpse of contemporaneity."

The prize consists of a plaque.

The gir

The technical jury of the

International Short Film Competition MitreoFilmFestival 2017

he also awarded a

special mention


"GYA (Z)" by Pratish Shrestha

"For the courage of an idea of a naked and extreme cinema."


Great success of the Spazio Film , a space entirely dedicated to writing which in the days preceding the festival brought young authors from all over Italy to Santa Maria Capua Vetere. The authors, inspired by the places and stories of this city, wrote the scripts for the National Short Film Competition MitreoFilmFestival 2017 and also shot short extracts of the same, under the supervision of the Artistic Director Lucilla Mininno and Luigi Santonastaso, a professional Sammaritano of the sector.

Great involvement of many inhabitants who supported the project with sincere enthusiasm and who helped to recreate the magic and poetry that the authors and all the staff of the festival were looking for ... We thank in particular Mr. Francesco who, with his smile and a lemon held in our hands, it touched our soul ...
















We will announce the names of all finalists, guests and jurors

and we will present our program!


The Mitreo Film Festival is back in great shape in Santa Maria Capua Vetere. Heralded by a literary meeting, the festival will return to offer all cinema lovers a series of screenings, meetings, readings, workshops, as well as the presentation of short films and screenplays, an edition that has reached its 17th year in the City of the Forum.

The start with a book


The start, in Santa Maria Capua vetere, is scheduled for Wednesday 27 September. The review will start with the presentation of a book --  the title is Days in uniform, written by Antonio Mangolini -, which will bring together, starting from 18.30, all reading enthusiasts in Piazza Mazzini , in the seat of the Bar Coppa D'Oro which offers its location to hold an aperitif meeting which will also record the participation of many of the protagonists of the Santa Maria Capua Vetere film festival.

During the meeting on Wednesday 27 September some passages from the book by Antonio Mangolini, edited by Giovanni Allocca, will be read. The presentation of the volume will be coordinated by Antonio Di Trento. The introduction of the event, which will also be a complete illustration of the program of the review, will be curated by the president of the Mitreo Film Festival, Paola Mattucci Ventriglia and by the artistic director Lucilla Mininno.

Film Space


The meeting at the Bar Coppa D'Oro will constitute the introduction to Spazio film, an initiative of the San Marino festival which presents itself as an in-depth and careful writing process during which a series of very young authors from all over Italy will get involved through experimenting with one's own creativity and learning the space for an inspiration based on the places of Santa Maria Capua Vetere and on the stories that the city has originated.

The screenplays, the shorts


The purpose of the initiative is to develop some  screenplays and allow excerpts from them to be filmed in the city to be offered to the public of the San Marino review.

(from our press office Roberta Buonpane)

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