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2013 - 2018

Lucilla Mininno is an author and actress.

Born in Bari and graduated in Sociology - Communications and Mass Media

(La Sapienza - Rome),

Lucilla Mininno studied dramaturgy with the Holden school of Baricco (Stage Enzimi 2001), screenplay at RAI (Script 2003), as well as Shooting and Editing at the School of Cinema in Rome (2008). She also graduated from the three years of actor and director training at the La Cometa International Center (Rome, class of 2001), as an actress, and from 2011 to 2012 she collaborated with the Bottega Finzioni di Carlo Lucarelli.

She is the author of the short films "Bramando Brema" (2016) with a production of the MitreoFilmFestival, "The Question" (2015) a short film made for the CIR (Italian Council for Refugees) with a production of MitreoFilmFestival, "Nuru" (2014), short film made for the CIR (Italian Refugee Council), "La Famiglia" (2013), finalist in many festivals, "Prigioni, or L'ora dei bottoni" (2010), whose screenplay won the Best Screenplay award Francesco Crocco at the 2007 MitreoFilmFestival, and “Munnezza” (2008), produced by the MitreoFilmFestival and finalist in many festivals.

She is also the author of the "Endless" series (2015),

internationally successful series, and the feature debut "Solo No" ("La Signora Butterfly"),

currently in distribution.


She is the author of the dramaturgies, already staged, “The hole, or Riding on the tomb”, “Anna and Lara”, “Valentine's Day”, “Who turns, who stops. L'ora dei bottoni ”,“ Our journey ”and“ Malwen ”and is co-playwright with Duccio Camerini of“ The sonnets of Shakespeare ”. She is the author and director of the shows “Frankenstein”, “Ofelia and Gertrude. To the sound of wine ",

“So, we won't go anymore”.


As a theater actress, since 2011 she has been working steadily with Monica Guerritore, making her debut at the Spoleto Festival in her show “You ask me to speak”. Currently on stage with her and Francesca Reggiani in the show "Mariti e Mogli". For Monica Guerritore herself she also curates the video section of many of her works.

Always as an actress, she is currently engaged, moreover,

in the show "Mostrocaligola"by Roberto Bonaventura.

From 2001 to today, he has worked with Fabiana Iacozzilli, Giovanni Boncoddo, Linda Dalisi, Duccio Camerini, Roberta Nicolai, Camilla Cuparo, Maria Luisa Bigai, Nicolaj Karpov, Alan Woodhouse,

Pier Paolo Sepe and Flavio Albanese.


She was Artistic Director of the MitreoFilmFestival from the 2013 to the 2019 edition and from 2014 she assists the President Roberto Zaccaria in the direction of the competition for short films "Let me see", promoted by CIR

(Italian Refugee Council).

Paola Mattucci is producer and organizer.

S. Maria CV 1961, graduated in economics with qualification to practice the profession,

founding member and president since 2000, year of establishment, of the Mitreo Film Festival Association, organizer of the Festival of the same name, since 2004 she has been looking after and coordinating the Film Laboratories with multiple tasks, mainly as executive producer.

Since 1998 he has collaborated on various projects, CapuanticaFestival, Cantieri Garibaldi project, Settembre al Borgo / Cinema di Strada and various cultural events in his city.

Since 2013 founding member of the Campani Film Festival Coordination.

Since 2015 Member of the Committee for a cinema law in Campania.

Today in the promoting group for the establishment of the RAC (Caserta audiovisual network).

Called on several occasions to fill the role of juror in various competitions in various artistic fields, most recently she took part in the jury of the experimental section of the IX edition of Short of women and the I edition of the FireMusicFestival.

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