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The technical jury composed of Gino Aveta, Camilla Cuparo, Maria Raffaella Faggiano, Monica Guerritore and

Paola Mattucci, representative of the MitreoFilmFestival 2016, assigned a tie to the screenplays

FAREST by Antonio Ruscigno


The two authors each win a prize of 400 euros offered by the MitreoFilmFestival 2016.



The technical jury composed of Giuseppe Colella, Giuseppe Cozzolino, Matteo Cremolini, Antonio Parlati, Roberto Zaccaria and

Lucilla Mininno, representative of the MitreoFilmFestival 2016, awarded the Best Short Film award to the work

HAVE SWEET DREAMS by Suhar Liviu Ciprian

The author wins a prize of 800 euros offered by the MitreoFilmFestival 2016.

The popular jury prize, on the other hand, was awarded to

BEAUTIFUL by Alessandro Capitani


The technical jury made up of Antonio Di Trento, Michele Mellara, Francesco Merini, Alessandro Rossi e

Francescopaolo Ventriglia, representative of the MitreoFilmFestival 2016, awarded the Best Documentary award to the work

HABITAT by Emiliano Dante

The author wins a prize of 800 euros offered by the MitreoFilmFestival 2016.

The popular jury prize, on the other hand, was awarded to

​MARE CARBONE by Gianluca Rossi


DAVID FRATINI (Terni, 1977) He works as a director and screenwriter for cinema and TV. In 2007 he directed his first short film “Il poodle”. In 2010 "Realism" and in 2011 "Sunday"; these last two shorts win numerous prizes such as Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Soundtrack etc., and are screened in many Italian festivals. Numerous prizes and awards have his scripts for short and feature films; in the summer of 2014 Fratini ends the short films "Danny boy - Come la neve" (drama) and "Chi fa Otello?" (comm., for the Shakespeare Festival in Rome), received - especially the latter - very well at the festivals, winning dozens of prizes. In 2015 he collaborated with the Spi CGIL for the production of a series of documentaries, while presenting his new screenplay “Nonno Superman” at festivals. GRANDFATHER SUPERMAN Adriano is a child who plays the piano and has a special relationship with his grandfather, so much so that they also resemble each other in their gruff and unfriendly character. Suddenly the grandfather dies but still does not stop having that special relationship with his grandson. Meanwhile, the piano essay is approaching ...


SIMONA MANCINI After having obtained preparatory studies in the disciplines of the artistic field, from the diploma in Directing, to the degree in Cinema and psychophysiology, to a subsequent Master in production coordination, she began her work experience on sets of various independent productions, covering various roles of the audiovisual sector. The possibility of working abroad has opened up new technical and expressive visions, acquiring new knowledge and confirming one's skills, to the point of developing greater aptitudes towards editing and screenwriting. The numerous job opportunities, accumulated over the years of apprenticeship, have ranged from the web to TV, photography and cinema, helping to trace a complete professional figure, ready to face new challenges and experiences. HEART COLLECTOR Camilla is a young serial killer, who uproots the hearts of her lovers to keep them in glass jars. The confrontation with the psychiatrist Carelli will make her confess her heinous crimes.


ROSA GRAZIA RAPISARDA Born in Catania, I obtained the Degree in Materials Science address microelectronics, at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry of Catania, passionate about photographic arts I approach writing in 2011 curious to try to translate images into words, following a introductory course in film writing and screenplay., I draw and narrate events with a smile and drama. Obtaining awards such as: BAFF 2012, Roberto Ferrario Special Mention. Winner of the Raccontinellarete Literary Competition 2015, with anthology publication. Finalist of the EFESTO Literary Prize which will take place at the end of December 2015. THE COPPER WIRE Luca, twenty-five years old New graduate in Law, late at night, in the car of a friend who is about to take him home, along_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ casually  a suburban street recognizes his father's car, parked  with open doors and headlights on next to four bins. Think you are the victim of a theft try to get closer to retrieve the car and get the criminal away.


ANTONIO RUSCIGNO Born in Barletta, Antonio Ruscigno graduated in "Cinema Music Theater" at the Faculty of "Letters and Philosophy" in Pisa and obtained the qualification of shooting and editing technician. Attends the RAI-SCRIPT training course for authors and screenwriters. Subsequently he collaborates with various television broadcasters, as an author, director, camera-man and video editor. His short films allow him to win various prizes ("Young Directors Project - II edition", "Special ProArte Prize for Italy for young Italians", "InContatto" etc) and he works as an assistant first and then as assistant director, in various productions. national and international films. Currently, in addition to the activity of web editor and project manager, he collaborates with a couple of video and film productions and works as a camera-man for sporting events and RAI, Mediaset and Sky broadcasts. FAREST An elderly loner and sociopath who has lost the moment and even Marina, his caregiver, who disappeared from home on a cold winter morning, is willing to do anything to get her back to him. But absolutely everything.


ALESSANDRO TURCHI Videomaker. Born in Messina in 1977. Graduated in Electronic Engineering in 2003. In 2005 he began working in the theater covering various technical roles and, at the same time, made his first videos. In 2005 he also began his collaboration with the Machine Works Artistic Collective. He is a producer, author, director and editor of various music videos, short films, documentaries and commercials for the web or TV, as well as video-sets for theatrical and dance performances. In 2011 he founded the Video Space Donkeys Collective, with which he is currently making a documentary on the Messina Brewery. Since 2012 he has been an activist of the Teatro Pinelli Occupato and author of the videos documenting its political, social and cultural activities. THE (NON) RUSSIAN REVOLUTION What time is the revolution? The sleepy wait for something that is slow in coming. The bizarre journey of two young hopefuls, on the bus that should lead them to an important, perhaps decisive, demonstration in the square; bus packed with a group of sprightly old Communists dancing among the crumbs and rubble of old dreams of revolt. Are we still in time to dream of the revolution?



ALESSANDRO CAPITANI is a young Italian director. He made his debut in the world of cinema as an independent author. He graduated from the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome in 2009. His short films and documentaries have received various awards in Italy and abroad. In 2012. With the short film "Jennifer's Law", he won a scholarship at the Universal Studios in Hollywood. BEAUTIFUL Veronica is twenty years old and is imprisoned in a huge obese body. During a party in the disco she suffers the mockery of a boy, who teases her because of her physical appearance. Desperate, Veronica hides in the bathrooms of the disco convinced that no one can see and judge her within the closed walls of that place. But fate has a pleasant surprise in store for her ...


SUHAR LIVIU CIPRIAN was born on May 27, 1974 in Romania. He has lived in Italy since 1991 where he studied scenography at the "Brera" Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. He attended courses in theater direction at the Teatro della Contraddizione (Milan) and film direction and editing theory (Association "Fabbrica dei Sogni" - Milan). Since 1999 he has been working in the film industry. He currently lives and works in Rome. HAVE SWEET DREAMS In a modest family, where the complicated struggle for survival is conditioned by the weakness of adults, two brothers (Ionuƫ and Petrică) try to support their dreams. In the light of a new uncomfortable situation, the complicated flow of daily life is interrupted by the two brothers and their path becomes an escape.


RAFFAELE MARZOCCHI Italian director of Campania origin. Graduated in Visual Languages at the Art School of Naples, I continued my artistic and professional training first in the Conservatory, graduating in Classical Piano, and then at the National School of Cinema in Rome, obtaining the diploma of Avid Editing Operator. I completed my training at the SNCI (National School of Independent Cinema) in Florence, with a diploma in Film Direction. The Photographer is the name of my first short film, an experimental horror-thriller, presented to the graduation exam at the film school. Manufactured by SNCI. Child is the title of my second short film, which deals with the theme of gender-based violence. Produced by the San Giorgio Library of Pistoia. Pioggia Dentro is my latest short film, produced by Milo Independent FIlms, a team of professional filmmakers active in Tuscany. RAIN INSIDE Marta, a textile worker, lost her life's job due to the crisis. She lives with her old father and is the only one to take care of him. The situation worsens when the parent dies, catapulting Marta into a state of despair. Inspired by a true story.


ALESSANDRO SPADA He was born in Monza on 1 January 1975. His works: 2000 Eli Eli Lamma Sabactani, 2001 To my generation, 2001 Opportunity makes the maniac, 2003 The hero, 2003 The Kennan solution, 2004 The new masters of the world, 2004 The new masters of the world, 2008 The house of missing girls, 2008 Considerations on Italian independent cinema. THE AMERICAN CAR Since his parents died in an accident, Totò has been living with his uncles and, to be honest, he is not too happy. But one day he decides he wants to buy a car but doesn't have the money ... and that's a big problem.


ANDREA ZULIANI was born in Rome in 1983. Over the years, during the Tor Vergata Dams, he began shooting and editing videos and created various summer cinema workshops for children and teenagers. In 2008 he began working as assistant director and later assistant director. He participates in films such as "Shadow" by F. Zampaglione, "Christine Christina" by S. Sandrelli, "My mother" by Ricky Tognazzi, "Cosimo and Nicole" by F. Amato and "Gomorra 2 - the series". Directs the short film "Miriam" (2012 - special mention at Corti sonanti 2013 and finalist at RIFF 2013); he writes with Francesca Scanu numerous shorts (including "Per Anna" - winning screenplay of the 2012 Sardinia Region Call and Jury Prize at the 2013 Mitreo Festival) and feature films including "I don't see I don't feel I don't speak" (finalist at the Solinas Experimenta 2011 and Special Mention at the 2012 Mattador Prize) PER ANNA Gergei, Sardinia - 1962. Nicola is 7 years old, he cannot speak, but_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_communicates very well with his big dark eyes. Wandering around the village, he runs into Anna,  a passerine girl who arrived from Milan, rebels and full of vitality. an unforgettable day, until ...




EMILIANO DANTE teaches History of Contemporary Art at the University of Cassino and at the University of L'Aquila. He initially trained as a photographer ed  he landed in the cinema at the end of a very articulated artistic path, in which he touched painting, writing, cabaret, theater and music. As a director he made his debut in 2003 with The Home Sequence Series of short films. He then made the documentary Into The Blue (2009) and the feature film Limen (Omission) (2012-13). In Habitat - Personal Notes (2014) he also signed for the first time with his own name the secondary technical and artistic roles (photography, screenplay, animation, editing, music) to reinforce the idea of non-mediated personal expression on which founds the film. HABITAT is a film made up of Personal Notes on life in L'Aquila after the earthquake. Made more than five years after the earthquake by a filmmaker who experienced it firsthand, the film is both an attempt to elaborate mourning through cinema, and a reflection on the relationship between personal history and collective history, between transformation of public space and transformation of private life.


VALENTINA GIOVANARDI Restorer and documentary maker. In 2005 he made Department 14 and in 2008 Code di Lucertola two important documentaries that tell and investigate the world of psychiatry in Italy before and after the closure of asylums. In 2013 he received the "Giorgio Antonucci" award for human rights in the field of mental health. He collaborates, as a videomaker, with different realities on the national territory. THE CHILDREN OF TAVOLICCI That of Tavolicci was a massacre of children, women and innocents, the most gruesome Nazi-Fascist massacre in Romagna. But no one has ever talked about Tavolicci. An attempt has been made to hide and make people forget, but the few surviving children cannot forget.


MARCO LEOPARDI was born in Rome on 10 May 1961. He publishes numerous photo-journalistic reports in the most popular Italian geography and nature magazines. Since 1990 he has been involved in the making of documentaries, taking care of their direction and photography. His documentaries are broadcast by RAI and by many foreign broadcasters .  Essential filmography: Il falco delle vespe 1996, Ancora Chernobyl 1999, The footprint of Treja 2000, The last knights 2001, A little corner of Tibet 2003, The Marathon Runner 2005, Beyond the barrier 2006, Living in a perfect world 2006, Hair India 2008, The last dance 2008, The right path 2009, Pitrè stories 2011, Mohamed and the fisherman 2012, Store a drops 2013. U FERRU Giuseppe is invited by his father to kill his first swordfish and even though he is old enough to wield the harpoon he does not have the courage to do so. Giuseppe is graduating in marine biology and with the harpoon he is afraid of hurting the sea.


GIAN LUCA ROSSI Graduated in film directing at the ESEC in Paris and in theater directing at the La Cometa International Center in Rome, he has directed theatrical performances, short films, documentaries and television broadcasts. He has also collaborated on other authors' productions as assistant director, cameraman and / or director of photography. In 2008 he made his debut in cinemas with the comedy “I killed Berlusconi”, written and directed with Daniele Giometto. In 2010 he co-directed the documentary “Un menestrel”, presented in competition at various European festivals. He has been the owner of the KOROVA production house for over ten years. At the same time he carries out didactic activities in schools and training centers, teaching acting, stage movement and cinema techniques. MARE CARBONE Margherita was born and raised in Aosta, but her family is of Calabrian origin. Pregnant and in an identity crisis, she decides to go back to where her roots lie.  Thus she discovers that a Swiss company intends to build a coal-fired power plant a few steps from her grandparents' house.


MARIO VEZZA Born in Torre del Greco on 2 July 1983 and has always lived in Naples. In 2008 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in "New Technologies of Art". In 2006 he studied for a year at Dartington College of Arts, perfecting his studies in art and cinema. Since 2006 he is a filmmaker and VJ. Director of the short film "Apolide", assistant editor of Mokumentary "Vitriol", Director of the short film "Sento",  Aiuto Director of the short film "La voce del Sangue", Director of the docushort "Adam Vedat", Co-director of the documentary “I'm Festival”. I'M FESTIVAL Mardin, Turkey. Ibrahim is a child who works in his grandfather's small bar and like every year he waits to chase after the artists who will blow up the streets with colors, sounds and extraordinary shows. Every year the emotion is rekindled with more than seventy artists who flock here from all over the world to rediscover the happy smiles of children that make everything magical. A simple game will mark the friendship between Ibrahim and Umut, a funny red nose clown, he will learn that the game and the party if shared with friends will be even more fun.

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